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Ze Mirror Animals Wooden Complete the Reflection Activity

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With Ze Mirror Animals, children will learn to play with reflection. The child reproduces the different animals shown on the example cards by sliding and superimposing the paper shapes under the mirror. Ze Mirror Animals, from 6 years old.

• When slid under the mirror, a stick shape may turn into a teeny-tiny dot: it’s a magic mirror after all!
• The child experiments with reflections in a new way by moving the shapes under the mirror. Everything is transformed and the animals come to life!
• Children will also have fun creating their own animals.
• New: a first game to have fun with reflections in the mirror.
• Plastic mirror.
• FSC Certified (100%)

Contents: 1 mirror, 18 paper shapes (2 copies of each design; 36 total), and 20 template cards.
Design by: Edouard Manceau, France
Recommended for ages 6 years +

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