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Baby Smile

Pediatric Electric Toothbrush BLUE

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  • Patented ergonomic design which includes a triangular handle that is both slender and elegant making it super easy for kids (and parents) to grab, hold and wiggle. The BabySmile Electric Toothbrush is water resistant with a rating of IPX7 and built with enhanced durability to support carefree handling by children.
  • The premium Nylon brush comes in two levels of softness to best take care of kids' oral developments -- Ultra Soft: recommend for ages 0-2 and sensitive little users (two complimentary brush heads included in the kit) and Soft: recommend for ages 2-12 (check our store for replacements). Both bristles are approximately 0.4 inch in length which allows bristles to fully encompass kids' teeth ensuring efficient plaque removal.
  • 16,000 strokes per minute with advanced sonic technology -- Cleans the teeth with 2x more efficiency than your manual toothbrushes while gently massages and stimulates the delicate gums for a soothing experience. 30 seconds pause reminder to move on to the next area of the mouth, and 2 minutes smart timer that trains the kids to brush to the timing that is recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA).
  • Soft rainbow LED light is designed to engage our little brushers in the fun of brushing -- Pick a different color for the day with your kid to talk about the theme and enjoy the mood. The white light works perfect to help parents clear every corner of the kids' teeth and perform a thorough check around the mouth.
  • Made in Japan. BPA free. Powered by 1 AAA battery (not included).