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Creafaces Make-a-Face Wooden Board

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  • CreaFaces is a manipulative assembly game for little ones aged 2 and over. Using the template cards, children place the wooden pieces on the board to recreate the animals shown. They can also use the rabbit, dog, pig, and chicken pieces to have fun inventing much wackier ones, too!

    • 2 fun animal models to recreate.
    • Each piece has holes that fit over the pegs on the board to help children position them correctly.
    • Get creative with the pieces to make up wacky new animals, too!
    • Choosing the correct shapes and layering them in the right order improves observation skills.
    • Helps to develop dexterity.
    • This product is FSC Certified (100%)


    Contents: 1 wooden board and 27 wooden pieces, 20 double-sided template cards.
    Measurements: 8.2" x 8.2" x 1.2"
    Recommended for ages 2 years +
    Design by: Yang & Ripol