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FLOSSY! Kids Dental Floss 60pcs

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Simply brushing with a toothbrush may not clean the spaces between the teeth sufficiently, leaving plaque and food particles behind.

As you all know, plaque is the cause of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Therefore, use dental floss or interdental brushes to cleanly remove plaque on the sides of your teeth that cannot be reached with a toothbrush, as well as food particles stuck between your teeth.

And keep your teeth clean and healthy. 
If you use "FLOSSY!" from an early age, you will develop the habit of cleaning between your teeth, and even when you grow up, you will acquire better brushing habits.

6 fruit flavors (mango, orange, strawberry, grape, melon, peach) for delicious and fun oral care!

Using thin and strong polyethylene thread, even children with narrow spaces between teeth can clean between their teeth smoothly!

Hygienic and convenient to carry individually wrapped packs. Oral care for children even when traveling or on excursions ♪

Floss designed to fit children's mouths.


Made in Japan