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Game Zone Arcade Mini Golf

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Your own mini golf course! (Emphasis on the "mini".)

Using tiny putters and metal golf balls, players take on a thrilling variety of fun, fascinating, and mechanized obstacles as they work their way through the nine holes of the course.

There's a windmill that really spins, a ferocious crocodile with jaws that open and shut, tricky gates that swing back and forth, and more. Do you have the skills and timing to get a hole-in-one every time?

The Game Zone Arcade Mini Golf may be the smallest putt-putt course you've ever played, but it's the biggest putt-putt challenge you'll likely ever attempt!

Game Zone Arcade Mini Golf
  • Tabletop mini golf course with mechanized obstacles
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, concentration
  • Features spinning windmill, chomping crocodile, swinging gates, and more
  • 9 obstacle-filled holes to complete
  • Includes 9-hole mini golf course, 2 putters, 8 metal balls, scoring pad
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Requires 3 AA batteries - Not included
  • Mini golf course measures 26 x 16.5 inches
  • Quality materials and construction