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Ludanimo 3-in-1 Skill Building Game

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A 3-in-1 game: one memory game, one balance game, and one roll-and-move game for little ones aged 3 plus. A roll-and-move game to play with colors, a memory game with animals hidden under blocks, and a balanced game where you play with stacking blocks and animals on top of each other.

ā€¢ Soft plastic figurines and large dice suitable for small hands.
ā€¢ High-quality, durable materials.
ā€¢ A 3-in-1 game that also offers the option to play freely with shapes and animals.

Contents: 15 cardboard boxes of different sizes and shapes (5 squares, 6 cylinders, and 4 triangles), 2 dice, and 6 plastic figurines (dog, cow, rabbit, chicken, cat, and pig). Game rules in 10 languages.

Recommended for ages 3Ā·6 years
Number of players: 1-4

Design by: Nathalie Choux

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