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Magicube Mix & Match 6

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Watch you toddler begin to identify a variety of jobs and animals such as a police officer, astronaut, fireman, bear, dolphin and kangoroo to name a few while playing with Magicube Mix & Match 6 pcs! This toy provides endless fun! Use the head of a bear, the torso of an astronaut and the legs of a dolphin and just watch your kids laugh! From the dolphin to the monkey and from the doctor to the fireman: have fun creating your dream jobs and make up unique combinations. This set contains 6 magnetic blocks with endless building ideas. Build a dolphin, a police officer, a soccer player and them mix them all together to create something that will give you hours of fun and laughter! Magicubes connect on all sides that help with the development of creativity and fine motor skills.

About Geomagworld: Geomagworld is a leading magnetic Swiss toy company that promotes learning creative and imaginative play. They re-invented the building game with cubes and blocks making it incredibly fun and above all magical. They guarantee the highest standards of quality and sustainability for their products and conform to the most stringent European and international safety standards.