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Minecraft Heroes of the Village

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Help defend your village! Can you build up your defenses in time to stop the approaching illager raid? Together with your team you’ll explore the world, mine blocks, construct buildings, and fight mobs. Your faithful pets stand by your side, ready to help when you need it most.

Does your team have what it takes to be Heroes of the Village?

In Minecraft: Heroes of the Village, the players will work together to defend the village from an impending illager raid. On your turn you will have 2 actions to spend on exploring the world, collecting blocks, fighting mobs, and building. At the end of your turn, roll the die to see if the illagers advance towards the village. As the illagers get closer to the village, more monsters will spawn, but don’t worry! You have your faithful pets to help. Each pet has a special ability that can help you succeed. If you manage to construct three buildings before the illagers reach the village, you win!


25 Blocks, 18 World Tiles, 4 Inventory Cards, 6 Pet Tiles, 9 Buildings + 3 Bases, 12 Mob Tokens, 1 Starting Tile, 1 Illagers Piece, 2 dice, 1 Pouch