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Mini Waffle City - Café

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Build your own sweet spot - Sylvia-run Café is famous for the best muffins in the area. Its regular guest is Bart, who enjoys delicious cupcakes and the buzz of Saturday afternoon under a shadowy umbrella.

The characteristic sign of the Sylvia's Café means one thing among the residents of Waffle City - it's time to eat the most delicious cupcakes in the city! Play as Sylvia and satisfy the bellies of the citizens with cupcakes of various flavors, which they will enjoy in the café garden. Serve Bart his favorite muffins or prepare something of your own.

The Café set includes 80 elements and two characters, which you can give roles yourself or use our suggestions! Become a pastry master like Sylvia and serve your coffee shop guests the best sweet pastries in town! Or take on the role of Bart enjoying a break at his favorite spot. Combine the set with others from the Waffle City series and expand the town with a picturesque café. Assemble the set according to the instructions or use your imagination and add something from yourself!

The Café set is a combination of logical spatial thinking with a unique, fun and culinary adventure. Show everyone that sweet pastries are your specialty!


Set Heroes: 

Sylvia - the master of sweet pastries that conquer the palates of Waffle City residents. Her café is a must-see for anyone who loves sweets.

Bart - a regular visitor to Sylvia's café, who cannot imagine a day without visiting his favorite place, where he must order the legendary muffins.


Set characteristics:

·     Develops imagination and creativity through playing together

·     An instruction that has never been before!

·     100% safe materials - certified and easy to clean under running water

·     Hours filled with fun not only for children!

·     Construct shapes in 2D and 3D


Set specs:

·     As many as 80 elements!

·     2 figures in the set

·     Step-by-step building instructions (40 pages)

·     Innovative block shapes

·     Lots of additional pieces with imprint for special use.

·     The blocks are made 100% in Poland

·     Building blocks and packaging made of renewable materials in recycling

·     For children aged 5 and above


Packaging size
80 pieces - 3.5" x 2.25" x 6.25"


Marioinex Waffle Blocks are manufactured in Poland. They are made using sustainable manufacturing processes and are completely recyclable. Waffle Blocks are free from potentially harmful substances and held to the highest European standards of safety and quality control. 

This product meets the highest American and European safety standards.

Remove the packaging material before you give the toy to your child. Please keep all the relevant information for future reference. Colors may differ from the label.
Maintenance: wash the toys with soap and running water.


The toy is not suitable for children under 36 months. Contains small parts, easy to swallow. This product meets European standards. Remove the packaging materials before giving the toy to the child. Keep the label as it contains important information. The colors of the elements may differ from those presented on the packaging.