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Safari Animals 25-Piece Set

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Anything can happen in the wild! Start your expedition with the Safari Animals set for a roaring good time. Monkey around with magnetic, savannah-themed tiles as you explore the vibrant-colored habitat with your four safari sidekicks.

  • Four magnetic safari friends, including: Giraffe, Monkey, Lion, and Elephant
  • Savannah-themed set with leaf and footprint tiles in realistic colors
  • Figurine sizes vary (3″ to 6″)
  • Encourages open-ended/unstructured play, storytelling, and creativity

Product Details:

What’s Inside:

  • 4 Safari Figurines: Giraffe, Monkey, Lion, and Elephant
  • 9 Classic 3×3 inch Squares
  • 2 Classic Right Triangles
  • 2 Classic Isosceles Triangles
  • 6 Classic Equilateral Triangles
  • 1 Arch
  • 1 Pentagon

Suggested Age: 3-99 Years
Made In: China
Package Weight: 2 lbs
Product Dimensions: 12.6W x 2.5D x 12H (inches)