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Purple Cow

Stamper - Fashion

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    • The Purple Cow STAMPER kits are nothing short of a revolution in the accessibility to art among children and adults alike. Creative design tools is now accessible to all -experienced or beginners - all you need is a creative mind and magic will happen!

      • Unleash your creativity to design & invent new fashion and styling trends.
      • Find your inner artist: who knew fashion design can be SOOO easy and SOOO much FUN?
      • Over a MILLION different styling combinations possible.
      • Suitable for ALL - young and old, experienced designers or absolute beginners.
      • Ideal for travelling: portable sturdy box with magnetic seal.
      • Includes: 36 high quality stamps + 1 ink pad.
      • Natural materials: stamps are made from natural wood.
      • Stamp size: 3*2*2.4cm, 2*1.5*2.4cm, 4.5*1.2*2.4cm

      Age: 6-16