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We put our thinking into action thanks to different shapes allowing us to recreate an object or an animal! This is the principle of the tangram, a manipulation game, inspired by the logic of puzzles. A square cut into 7 pieces of different sizes, shapes and colours, turns into a fun puzzle as you have to find the right combination to piece together the included models. This exciting wooden game will delight all children from 2 years old. The Tangram has 2 levels of difficulty, your child will be able to reproduce the drawings presented on the cards by choosing the colored side (for the little ones) or the black side (for the most seasoned). Patience and concentration will be necessary to achieve all the figures of this tangram game. It will allow your child to discover shapes and colors and to develop his concentration. Very clever, the tray is equipped with non-slip silicone feet for more stability. This game contains 25 cards and 7 wooden pieces. The parts are painted with water.
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