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Quick, it's a race in the kitchen! We're busy preparing the best meals for mom and dad! With this beautiful Kitchen Plume, making good meals is a real pleasure for children from 3 years old! To become a great chef, this toy kitchen in natural wood and in grey/blue tones is equipped with many accessories: a hook to hang the spaghetti spoon and the metal spatula, accompanied by a metal saucepan and 2 cans of cardboard food, the essential pasta and cheese. To turn on the induction hobs, turn the 2 rotary knobs with sound effects! This children's kitchen is also equipped with an oven, a cupboard with magnetic doors, a stainless steel sink and a clock. 5 accessories are included in this beautiful toy of imitation credenza adorned with delicate feathers. With his wooden kitchen for children, your little chef will enjoy serving you the wacky dishes he has imagined! Meals are moments of rich and essential exchanges, it is the same for the moments when the child plays pretend with his dinette. Soft and delicate, the pretty cook will find its place in the bedroom of apprentice cooks, in their playroom, but also in the living room where even the older ones will be delighted to see their toddlers imagining heaps of stories. They learn to organize themselves and gain self-confidence: their little wooden kitchen becomes the center of their universe full of adventures! Doudou will take back a portion of homemade dessert! The height of the worktop is 50 cm. Dimensions: 53 x 30 x 78cm.